Increase Penis Blood Flow

Better ways to increase blood flow in your penis

A free, better way to increase blood flow in your penis

If you haven’t tried this before, this method is a routine that you can follow to regularly increase blood flow in your penis. That, and it requires zero effort to do. Literally.

That method is none other than regulating a warm to high body temperature when you’re sleeping. This because heat naturally creates vasodilation in the penis.

A perfect example is to consider the opposite when you’re freezing. Your pores close up, and you tend to curl up. Combine this with the fact that blood pressure also tends to increase in cold temperatures. In a nutshell this is the opposite of vasodilation: vasoconstriction.

However, when warm, pores open up, blood flow naturally increases because you can actually measure your blood pressure and it will generally be lower. This is also a contributor to why flaccid penis lengths of men in tropical climates like Africa and South America tend to be longer – simply more blood flowing down there.

Make your own erection tea brew.

Why rub a sticky cream on your penis when you can simply make a great tasting drink that takes just as much time as it takes to make a cup of coffee?

My making this erection tea brew, you’ll get fuller, harder erections for only cents. Not only is this a better option compared to male enhancement cream, but it’s also much better than a lot of the penis pills on the market.

It works because it uses black tea which is a cortisol blocker and its effect is that it lowers blood pressure. The ginger in the erection tea is also known for its vasodilation properties and has been used for thousands of years in Asia.

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